Don’t Miss Out on Education Field Services

With many schools looking to use their Title II and other funds by the end of the school year, now is the time to take advantage of SYNNEX education field services. Offering everything from professional development to one-to-one program assistance, the SYNNEX field services team can help you drive revenue, identify pain points within a school or district, and get in front of opportunities before they hit RFPs.

Professional development for educators

SYNNEX can help you deliver professional development services, both on-site and virtually. We’ve partnered with respected educational training partners to create the convenient, relevant solutions your customers need.

Google Offerings

Microsoft Innovative Education (MIE) Offerings

One-to-one program

The SYNNEX education team can help school districts implement a one-to-one program as quickly and efficiently as possible through a complimentary one-to-one readiness assessment. By evaluating how ready a school or district is for the program, both physically and culturally, we aim to:

We designed our comprehensive approach for the school or district that hopes to avoid the time-consuming uncertainty of a trial-and-error launch. Our goals at this stage include:

Why SYNNEX for education?

From assessment and deployment to post-sale support, SYNNEX offers the total education solution.

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