Material Readiness Report UI Requirement

Material Readiness Report UI Requirement

Version Date Comment
1.0 04/20/2018
1.1 05/17/2018
1.2 05/25/2018 Move the demand unit to the second tab
1.3 06/04/2018 Display both name and ID for some columns


1          CTB: Model Summary

1.1         Selections

1.1.1    Can be collapse or hide

1.1.2    Filter selections

Name Component Type Comments
Customer Multiple select Required
Model Group Multiple select
Model Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select

Model can be limited by customer and Model Group

Demand Type Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select
Region Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select
Ship From Location Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select

Location can be limited by Region

Demand Need By Date Date range


1.2         Buttons

Name Comments
Query Query the result by the selected values
Reset Reset all selections to default values
Save Preference Save current selected values as default options.

These options will be auto filled and the results will be auto displayed when the users enters this screen next time.


1.3         Pie Chart & Line Graph

1.3.1    Can be collapse or hide

1.3.2    Pie chart     Name

Demand Status     Purpose

An overview for demand status

The percentage and quantity of each status should be displayed, too.     Help document

Currently, there’re four statuses

1)       Shortage(red)

Materials cannot be ready on time, which means vendor POs/MTs cannot arrive on time, or it’s late to release PRs/MRs now (based on the vendor lead time and material buffer day).

Attention: even if the assembly has started for a demand, it will still be counted as shortage if one of its materials is shortage, the same below.

2)       CTB On Time

Materials are preparing, which means, all materials has arrived in our warehouses or the materials are expected to arrive on time based on the POs/MTs/PRs/MRs ETA.

3)       WIP

Goods are being manufactured.

4)       Finished

Goods have been manufactured completed.     The status can be clicked to filter the queried result

For example, the result has 4 demands, only 1 is shortage; click the shortage status, and then only this shortage demand will be displayed.

1.3.3    Line graph     Name

Demand VS Supply     Description

Display 3 lines, one for Demand, one for Supply and one for Cml. Delta (supply – demand)     X-axis : week, Y-axis : quantity     The demand, supply and delta can be hidden

1.4         CTB: Model Summary

1.4.1    Purpose

The primary purpose is to highlight any weeks where we are projected to be short on materials to support orders or forecast.

1.4.2    Description

1)      Rows are grouped into Model, data is shown by week (matrix table with Model in rows and Weeks in columns)

2)      Each Model should show three rows of data:

Weekly demand quantity

Weekly CTB quantity (supply quantity)

Net CTB quantity (delta quantity = supply – demand)

1.4.3    Front-end pagination

1.4.4    Columns

Name Locked Default Display Sortable Frozen
Customer No Y
Customer Name Y Y Y Y
Model Group Y Y
Model Y Y Y Y
Demand Type Y Y Y Y
Region No Y Y
Region Name Y Y
Ship from Location No Y Y
Ship from Location Name Y Y Y Y
Type Y Y Y
Past Due N
Dynamic Weeks N


1.4.5    Sort

Support custom sort by multiple columns like excel

1.4.6    Column Selector

The choice can be saved

1.4.7    Type

1)      There’re 3 values: demand, supply and delta

2)      Users have the ability to display/hide any of the values

3)      At least one value should be selected

1.4.8    Allow to switch the displayed dates from “Demand Need By Week” to “Material Need By Week”

1.4.9    The report can be exported to an Excel