Inventory/RIO Transfer Requirement

Inventory/RIO Transfer Requirement



Version Date Comment
1.0 04/27/2018
1.1 05/08/2018
2.0 05/11/2018
2.1 05/17/2018
2.2 05/22/2018
2.3 06/05/2018 Display both name and ID for some columns


1           Selections

1.1          Can be displayed or hidden

1.2          Filter selections

Name Component Type Comments
Part Input Single input
Region Dropdown list Single select
Location Dropdown list
  1. Single select
  2. Must select region first
  3. Limited by region
Customer Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select
Model Group Dropdown list Allow filter in the list and multiple select
Model Dropdown list
  1. Allow filter in the list and multiple select
  2. Limited by customer and model group


2           Buttons

Name Comments
Reset Reset all selections to default values
Submit Submit the changes


3           Main Report

3.1          The following columns should be displayed

Name Help Document
Lock Users can lock up to 10 rows, which only disappear after part, region, location changed.
Customer No  
Customer Name
Model Group
REQ (Order) Request quantity is the open quantity exclude demands already support by FG/WIP
REQ (Forecast)
NET REQ (Forecast)
Transfer Positive number means grab OH to itself.

Negative number means release OH from itself.


3.2          Frontend pagination

3.3          Column selector

1)      The following columns can be displayed / hidden

Model Group, IQC, VMI

2)      The choice can be saved

3.4          Sort

1)      The following columns can be sorted

Customer, Model group, Model, REQ (Order), REQ (Forecast), IQC, VMI, OH, NET REQ (Order), NET REQ (Forecast)

2)      Support customer sort by multiple columns like excel

4           Locked Report

4.1          Columns are the same to the main report

4.2          Column selector should share with the main report

4.3          Maximum locked rows are 10

4.4          No sort

4.5          The locked data shouldn’t be displayed twice

5           Detail Report

5.1          Shows on right

5.2          Can be displayed / hidden

5.3          It’s 1 to 1 mapping between left and right report

5.4          Columns

Name Comment
Past Due
Dynamic Weeks


6           Available OH

Display the original available OH and new available OH on the page.

7           Logics

7.1          Display the customer level RIO OH

7.2          Clear the locked data after query if any of part#, region and location changed.

7.3          Maximum locked rows are 10

7.4          Validation

Total transferred quantity <= original available OH

For each row, transfer <= REQ QTY – OH

For each row, (- transfer) <= OH